Tottenham Park Cemetery

2.7 in average (5 reviews)





Dodsley Pl, Montagu Rd


N9 0EU





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Testimonials from Google

2.7 in average (5 reviews)
F.R Ahmed, 2020-11-03

"Tottenham park cemetery The two stars are for the improvements by the new owners only. I have been to several cemeteries in various boroughs in London and this is by far the worst kept. Whilst some visible improvements have been made by the new owners in the entrance area, the rest of the cemetery is unkempt and neglected. Badgehurst one of the previous owners were very questionable. In my experience, I have witnessed one grave shockingly with wrong name put on it, no doubt the relatives were deceived by the last cemetary owners. There are several graves that appaer to be double buried. Over the many years I have been visiting the cemetery, on one occasion, my father’s headstone and surround was moved and dumped damaging planting, protective membrane and mulch. It was not put back until I called Bafgehurst and made a complaint. No other damaged item was replaced. Now 25th May 2020 on my visit to the cemetary the large rampant weeds are taking over the cemetery and never previously seen. Some graves are laid blocking pathways which are so uneven they are a hazard see attached photos. Whilst services are available on request for rather large fees, other cemeteries do not charge for basic ground maintenance. Grave maintenance fees are pointless when weeds are spreading everywhere see attached photos. These need to be controlled throughout the growing season so they don't take over the graves and paths (see attached photos). It is indeed shameful that our loved ones resting place has been so neglected and disrespected over the years. I travel 2 hours (by public transport) to reach cemetery and I am expected to pay a sum £40 to use the toilet. This needs to be reviewed on a pay as you go for visitors travelling to the location 2-3 times a year. I hope to see some improvements to the state of the grounds before my next visit. To all relatives of the deceased I request that we encourage the new owners in their efforts to improve the state of the cemetary. Thank you."

Ibz E, 2020-10-17

"Since these lot took over its got worse. I suggest you look elsewhere."

A Woodham, 2019-09-30

"I came here for a funeral service, it's a nice, small, mostly-Turkish cemetery. Some parts of the cemetery looked a little run down or abandoned but the service was very good and the small scale made it feel much more personal and touching."

Sharon Ahmet, 2019-06-07

"Five stars for the massive improvement by the new owner. It feels more secure and looks much cleaner."

Seher Ahmet, 2019-06-12

"Amazing improvements made by the new owner. The cemetery is looking much better already, with more work still being done."

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