What is direct cremation, and how to arrange it in the UK.

What is direct cremation, and how to arrange it in the UK.

by Martin Jackson2022-09-190

1. What is a direct cremation?

Cremation is the most popular form of funeral in the UK, but costs can escalate quickly. ‘Direct cremation’ is a simple, respectful, and cheaper alternative. If you need to keep costs lower, for whatever reason, or just don’t need a funeral service, then direct cremation could be the best option.

About 15% of cremations in the UK are direct, and it’s becoming increasingly popular. Well-known figures like David Bowie, Prince, and Karl Lagerfeld have requested them in their wills.

Some key facts about direct cremation:

  • You don’t choose the day or time it happens.
  • There’s no service, mourners, or visitation prior to cremation.
  • The body is treated with absolute respect by professionals.
  • The ashes can be delivered to your home, or scattered at the crematorium on your behalf.

Here at Fenix, we recently introduced a ‘Direct Cremation Premium’ service, which allows you to add on a limited selection of additional services before the cremation takes place. For example, we can arrange for the bereaved family to view their loved one at the crematorium. Or have the deceased dressed in clothing of the family's choice.

2. How much does direct cremation cost in the UK?

While cremation is usually cheaper than burial, once you start adding things like a funeral service or ceremony with mourners, transportation, flowers, and others costs, it can become expensive. 

That’s why more and more people are opting for direct cremation. At Fenix, we have many years’ experience helping people to arrange direct cremations in England, and our personal advisers are here to help guide you through the process, every step of the way. We strive to offer the most affordable direction cremation in the UK.

3. What does a direct cremation include?

With no hidden fees (ever), a direct cremation anywhere in England arranged with Fenix includes:

  • Collection and care of the deceased’s body
  • Our classic wood-effect coffin
  • Respectful, unattended cremation
  • Free support and advice from our caring Bereavement Team

4. What is not included with direct cremation?

The biggest point of difference for direct cremation is that the cremation process happens at a time suitable for the crematorium. This way, the crematorium can create an efficient, cost-effective schedule, helping to lower the costs. This means no mourners can be present at the moment of cremation. You also won’t be able to choose the coffin – an affordable option is normally offered as standard (with Fenix, that’s our classic wood-effect coffin).

5. How do I arrange my own direct cremation in the UK?

If you want no funeral and just cremation, arranging your own direct cremation can be very reassuring, as you know that the stress and cost won’t fall to those close to you when you die. The simplest (and most affordable) way to organise this is with Fenix. With absolutely no strings attached, you can speak to one of our personal advisers and they’ll offer you transparent details about costs and planning. Get in touch with one of our team whenever you want.

6. What are the Benefits of a Direct Cremation?

There are many good reasons why more and more people are choosing direction cremation in the UK:

Cremation cost

A direct cremation is probably the most affordable option out there.

Religious or cultural preferences

A direct cremation, without any service, is often preferred by people who don’t hold religious beliefs, and those who simply want to have their body dealt with in the simplest manner possible.


By choosing a direct cremation and having the ashes delivered to your home (which is part of the Fenix direction cremation package), loved ones can choose to hold a memorial service at a later date, without the stress of planning something soon after death.


By planning your own direct cremation, and leaving instructions in the will about what you’ve done, you can remove a lot of stress for your loved ones.

Body repatriation

If someone passes away abroad, direct cremation in that country is often chosen, as it is much more affordable to repatriate ashes rather than a body.

Whatever you need, and for whatever reasons, we can help guide and support you through the process of considering or choosing a direct cremation. With many years’ experience, and a great team of advisers who are there for you no matter what, peace of mind is just a short chat away – so feel free to get in touch.

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