Tottenham Cemetery

4.2 in average (5 reviews)





White Hart Lane,Tottenham


N17 8AU





Year built:





Testimonials from Google

4.2 in average (5 reviews)
r, 2020-07-30

"it's clean and tidy, quite well kept. it's a nice place quiet alternative route to go down rather than the main road. there's a nice pond and greenery if you're looking for a place to just have a calm walk. i would not recommend going during the evening/night as there isn't many lamps and the few that they have don't work well."

Daniel Lake, 2020-08-21

"Well maintained and worth a visit if you need some peace & quiet in the middle of Tottenham. Only downside is I haven’t been able to locate the graves of some family members as the plot numbers don’t run in a logical order."

Ka Ry, 2020-02-16

"It's a nice place. It's a billion times cleaner than the parks. However there is still a lot of trash on the ground, especially beer cans."

Duplay RAP, 2020-07-26

"A beautiful and well kept cemetery, but some of the people who visit it are very rude! I have just been verbally abused by a man who shouted at me for having a lovely walk with my adorable dog, who was on the lead!!! This small man seems to think that it’s not allowed to walk a dog on the lead here and frankly he has ruined my morning. Shouting at me and my pet who was just sitting in the pavement. I come here everyday with my super lovely pet, held on the lead. For years!! Humans are really not nice it’s very sad."

stephen marden, 2020-07-26

"visit there quite often on the whole its kept quite neat and tidy,can get some strange individuals hanging about,nowhere near enough water taps for filling up vases can get quite muddy of rest quite nice,river can be a bit smelly as i say quite good as far as cemeteries go"

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