Overdale Cemetery

4.3 in average (5 reviews)





Overdale Crematorium & Cemetery,Overdale Drive







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4.3 in average (5 reviews)
S murphy (miss sunshine), 2021-07-17

"No complaints about the gardens ---- Visited early Saturday 17th July but my visit was destroyed by a group of people with loud screaming children . It is rude and disrespectful in a place where people go for quiet reflection often soon after significant loss, to allow children to run riot . Please respect others it is not a playground"

monsopiad70, 2020-10-06

"I've been here a few times since the 80's and have always found it to be professionally run and maintained."

dave entwistle (Enty), 2017-06-24

"I lost both parents in consecutive years and had both funerals here, the service although was nice it was unfamiliar as the vicars do not have enough time to get a sense of who the person was. Also when you chose a stone to remember them by there is absolutely no room for flowers, the staff removed my flowers as I went to the toilet, came back and my flowers were in the bin. Not nice."

John Varden, 2018-06-17

"I went today to leave flowers for my dad & also a friends dad so visited two parts of crematorium. I thought the side near chapel was bad but then went to the other side on the road out of overdale & what a mess that is. Loads of dead plants & weeds left to grow over a foot high. I have been visiting here for over 35 years & in all that time have never seen it like that. It looks derelict & a disgrace & if it had been a weekday i would have gone to the office & spoken to somebody. What is going on? I would like an email in response to this please."

ian mcqueen, 2015-12-16

"Attended a family funeral .. very professional service ... efficient, thoughtful, smooth running... well done Overdale staff!"

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