Deptford Methodist Church and Mission

3.9 in average (5 reviews)





1 Creek Rd, Greenwich







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3.9 in average (5 reviews)
Mohnesh Kohli, 2019-11-05

"I love this church for my special reason. I have been visiting last 9 years from the day my children lives in the area. I like it very much"

flyingdutchmaniam, 2018-12-28

"A review of the charity shop: A mix of clothes, books, CDs, some bric-a-brac and vinyl. A small shop, so limited changing facilities, otherwise a good shop to visit after you've been to the high street."

Ray Barron-Woolford, 2018-11-01

"So important we celebrate our Heritage at the core Deptford Heritage Festival"

Reflection of you, 2018-04-03

"The voluntary customer service at ’The Well’ charity shop was unfortunately a horrible experience. I felt patronised, snubbed and discriminated. Here is my experience. I kindly asked if I could use the changing rooms to try on some items. I left my belongings outside of the changing room, which contained a few items which I bought from this shop a few days before. I had stayed at a relatives nearby and was journeying home, which is why I still had the previously bought items with me on this visit back. I took an item out of my purchased belongings to double look at it and see if I still wanted to exchange it. I then decided I wanted to exchange it, and approached the till. One of the volunteers behind the counter had dark hair with a fringe, another volunteer was shorter in height with a dark ponytail, and another was a customer. The shorter volunteer was whispering to her colleague and the customer, whilst they were all looking directly at me with such disdain. I was confused, and I felt really patronised. I wasn’t sure what I had done wrong. As I got to the till they all immediately stopped whispering, and were staring at me with dirty looks. Unsure of what the issue was, I asked the woman with the fringe behind the counter if I could do the exchange. With a dirty look, she agreed and dealt with the transaction in such a cold manner. I was very confused because this volunteer was always so nice and accommodating to me, even before I had went into the changing room to try on clothes! So I came to sense that the other volunteer she was working with must have been whispering some sort of false information to her about me. Unsure if they thought I was doing something wrong? yet I felt as if I was being discreetly bullied with all the whispering, gossiping, dirty stares, and snobbish coldness for the rest of my purchase. I understand there may have been confusion with my previous purchases I was carrying in my shopping bag. So, I let the volunteer behind the counter know that I had items in my bag which I bought the previous day to avoid confusion. She then replied, ‘mmm, yeah, I remember you’ yet she was still snobbishly looking at me with judgement. I could not understand why they were suddenly treating me like this? were they indirectly accusing me of something I had not done? were they discriminating me? or were they just lacking simple customer service? It just seemed very odd, as just moments prior, the volunteer with the fringe was and always had been lovely to me on my visits.. Instead of making me feel patronised and unsure with no reasoning why, these volunteers should of have the decency to directly speak to me of their problem against me in a civilised manner, rather than whisper, gossip and snob me - even worse amongst another customer! It was all very unprofessional, nasty, and puts a bad feel and light on such a lovely purpose/community that ‘The Well’ contributes towards. It’s such a shame, as I come to this charity shop regularly, and I always recommend all my friends and family here. These volunteers insensitive actions, could lead to a loss a lot of devoted customers. I do also suggest that ‘The Well’ provides receipts in future, as I would have shown my proof of receipt with the £17.50 worth of items in my bag, which I had FULLY previously purchased! Rather than these volunteers leading to falsely accuse or discriminate me. I’m very upset and unfortunately will not be purchasing from this store if I see these volunteers again, as I have never ever felt so indirectly bullied, out of place, snubbed and discriminated for no bad reason at all. I do hope that these volunteers realise that the way they dealt with this was very unfair and childlike. I hope they do not continue to make others feel this way, as it steers innocent customers like myself away. I wish upon these volunteers less immaturity and judgement, but more love and peace to others. I do not know these volunteers names, but for management investigation and improvement purposes of ‘The Well’ I was here on 3rd April 2018, around 3pm."

Margo Smith, 2018-06-11

"I have personal reasons to know it's a very special place."

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