Camberwell New Cemetery

4.4 in average (5 reviews)





Brenchley Gardens,Southwark


SE23 3RD





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Testimonials from Google

4.4 in average (5 reviews)
Tezza Tucker, 2020-10-24

"Both my parents and my grandparents are laid to rest is the beautiful cemetery. The grounds are always well kept even in the winter months. It is a multicultural cemetery if that's not your wishes for your family then it's not the place for you. I first visited this cemetery in 1976 and although it's changed in size it's still as nice and peaceful as it was back then."

Terry Fowler, 2019-11-19

"In the forty years since both my parents died I had never visited their grave and although I had the minimum of information to go on I rang the cemetery in the hope of finding them. I cannot praise the help I received from the lady I spoke to (Nichol) highly enough. She not only supplied me with reference numbers but also plot numbers and, being even more helpful, sent me a map of the cemetery with the plot numbers marked on it. In this day and age I do not expect (or usually get) this kind of caring service. As I had to travel some distance to the cemetery I cannot thank Nichol enough as it made my trip so much easier."

Susan Connor, 2019-09-27

"Went on a saturday to visit my parents grave travelling 3hrs, and in desperate need of the toilet, all were locked I have a need to use a disabled toilet and this was double locked, with no one around to assist me, I went to visit my parents grave, but my time there was spoilt because I could not access a toilet, the grounds were impeccable but the need for access to a toilet is essential. So sad this marred my visit."

Sara Hunt, 2020-04-03

"A lovely place"

Pascale White, 2017-06-30

"Quite well maintained little green spot. Road noise stops it from being tranquil"

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