Top 10 Joe Longthorne funeral songs

Top 10 Joe Longthorne funeral songs

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Joe Longthorne was a talented British singer known for his emotional performances and captivating voice. His repertoire, which spanned a variety of genres, includes many songs that are fitting for a funeral service.

Here are ten Joe Longthorne funeral songs, along with their significance and a lyric from each, that could be considered appropriate for a funeral:

10. Love Is All (1991)

"Love Is All" is a moving song about the universal and enduring power of love. The lyric, "For I know love will always be, love is all, ever, forever, love is all," can bring comfort to mourners.

This song on our list of Joe Longthorne funeral songs could be an excellent alternative when planning a funeral

9. I Believe I'm Gonna Love You (1988)

Our second pick on our list of Joe Longthorne songs for funerals is "I Believe I'm Gonna Love You", a tender song about everlasting love.

The line, "As long as there are stars above you, you never need to doubt it," speaks of unending affection and can provide solace during a time of loss.

8. My Mother's Eyes (1988)

"My Mother's Eyes" is a heartfelt tribute to the love of a mother. The lyric, "And if I'm ever gone too far, it's her love that will remind me of just who I am," can evoke feelings of comfort and connection during a funeral service.

When someone dies, finding the right songs can be hard to express how you feel; let our list guide you to the right song for you. 

7. Wind Beneath My Wings (1991)

A cover of a well-known song, "Wind Beneath My Wings", is a poignant tribute to those who provide support in our lives.

The line, "Did you ever know that you're my hero, you're everything I wish I could be," can be a fitting tribute to a departed loved one. Ask your funeral director to help you pick the song you want for the funeral if you need advice. 

6. If I Never Sing Another Song (1988)

"If I Never Sing Another Song" is a poignant reflection on a life lived in the public eye. The lyric, "In my heyday, young girls wrote to me, everybody seemed to have time to devote to me," can resonate deeply at a funeral for someone who touched many lives. Our list of Joe Longthorne funeral songs would not be complete without this song on it. 

5. What Kind of Fool Am I? (1998)

"What Kind of Fool Am I?" is a song about self-reflection and regret. The line, "Who can't see what's in front of me, who can't see that love's there if he'll only look?" can evoke the feelings of sadness and regret often experienced in the face of loss.

4. You're My World (1998)

A great song on our list of Joe Longthorne funeral songs is "You're My World", a touching ballad about the encompassing power of love.

The lyric, "You're my world, you're every breath I take," is a beautiful expression of deep affection.

3. Don't Cry Out Loud (1988)

"Don't Cry Out Loud" is about personal strength and the courage to keep going during hard times.

The line, "Don't cry out loud, just keep it inside and learn how to hide your feelings," can resonate deeply during a time of mourning.

The song could also be fitting for a wake or cremation and is a great option on our list of Joe Longthorne songs for funerals. 

2. I Will Always Love You (1994)

A cover of Dolly Parton's iconic song, "I Will Always Love You", is a powerful expression of undying love.

The lyric, "I hope life treats you kind, and I hope you have all you've dreamed of," can provide comfort to mourners.

Even though it's a cover, the song says everything you feel and could be a great option when looking for Joe Longthorne funeral songs. 

1. When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New (1998)

"When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New" is a song about enduring love and the passage of time. The line, "When your old wedding ring was new, and each dream that I dreamed came true," captures the nostalgic and heartfelt sentiments often felt at a funeral.

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