Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Funeral Songs

Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Funeral Songs

by Tess Bawa-an2023-09-180

Fleetwood Mac is renowned for their poetic lyrics and emotional melodies, which speak to the heart and soul. Many of their songs touch on themes of love, loss and the passing of time making them suitable for a funeral. Here are ten Fleetwood Mac funeral songs, along with their significance and a lyric from each, that might be considered appropriate for a funeral:

10. Landslide (1975)

"Landslide" is a contemplative song about the passing of time and the inevitability of change. The lyric, "Well, I've been afraid of changing, 'cause I've built my life around you," can resonate deeply during a time of loss. This song is our first choice for our list of Fleetwood Mac Funeral songs due to its emotional depth. 

9. Songbird (1977)

When someone dies, you can choose the right song from our Fleetwood Mac funeral songs list. "Songbird" is a heartfelt song about love and devotion. The line, "And I wish you all the love in the world, but most of all, I wish it from myself," could provide comfort to mourners.

8. Don't Stop (1977)

"Don't Stop" is an optimistic song about looking forward to the future. The lyric, "Don't stop thinking about tomorrow, don't stop, it'll soon be here," offers a hopeful sentiment in a time of mourning. 

7. Silver Springs (1977)

"Silver Springs" is a song about loss, love and regret. The line, "Time cast a spell on you, but you won't forget me," encapsulates the enduring bonds of love and memory. This song could be perfect at a funeral or cremation service for you from our Fleetwood Mac songs for funerals list. 

6. Go Your Own Way (1977)

"Go Your Own Way" is a song about individuality and the courage to forge your own path. The lyric, "You can go your own way, go your own way," could resonate at a funeral for someone who was a free spirit.

5. Gold Dust Woman (1977)

"Gold Dust Woman" is a haunting song about the struggles and illusions of fame. The line, "Did she make you cry, make you break down, shatter your illusions of love?" can resonate deeply in a time of mourning.

4. Rhiannon (1975)

If you are looking for a great song, then "Rhiannon" is a song steeped in mysticism and magic, with a melody that's both haunting and comforting.

The lyric, "She is like a cat in the dark and then she is the darkness," can evoke a sense of the mysteries of life and death. The song can be a way of celebrating a loved one, and that's the reason it's on our list of Fleetwood Mac songs for funerals. 

3. Say You Love Me (1975)

"Say You Love Me" is a heartfelt plea for reassurance in love. The line, "Have mercy, baby, on a poor girl like me," can resonate with the longing for love and comfort in a time of loss.

2. Never Going Back Again (1977)

"Never Going Back Again" is a song about moving forward after heartbreak. The lyric, "Been down one time, been down two times, I'm never going back again," could speak to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of loss.

1. Sara (1979)

"Sara" is a deeply emotional song about loss, love and regret. The lyric, "Drowning in the sea of love, where everyone would love to drown," captures the depth of feeling that can accompany a farewell.

Even though this song is last on our list of Fleetwood Mac songs for funerals, it still has an emotional depth.

Your funeral director can help you find the song you want for the funeral service if you feel it's hard to pick one. 

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