Top 10 Barry Manilow Funeral Songs

Top 10 Barry Manilow Funeral Songs

by Mojda Hashemyan2024-03-200

With a career spanning over five decades, Barry Manilow's music catalogue resonates deeply with people of all ages. 

Known for his soulful ballads and touching lyrics, his songs have the ability to elicit strong emotions, making them apt choices for remembrance occasions. 

Ask your funeral director for assistance with picking the right song for your funeral. 

Suppose you're considering incorporating Barry Manilow funeral songs into a memorial service, or looking for pieces that touch on love, loss, and reflection themes. In that case, the following are some of the most poignant Barry Manilow songs for funerals:

10. "Mandy" (1974)

One of Manilow's signature pieces, "Mandy" speaks of love lost and the lingering emotions that remain. With lyrics like "Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking," it touches upon the selfless nature of love and the pain of saying goodbye. It’s of course our number one pick for Barry Manilow funeral songs. 

9. "Looks Like We Made It" (1977)

This track beautifully captures the journey of two people who've parted ways, only to realise they still carry feelings for one another. Lines such as, "Looks like we made it, or I thought so until today," can echo the sentiments of looking back on a life shared with a loved one.

8. "Even Now" (1978)

This heart-wrenching ballad touches on the pain of moving on after a relationship ends. The line, "Even now, when I have come so far, I wonder where you are," conveys the lingering thoughts and memories of someone dearly missed. 

The message of this song and how it shows how someone is missed are the reasons why we put it on our Barry Manilow funeral songs list. 

7. "I Made It Through The Rain" (1980)

A song of resilience and overcoming adversity, it offers solace to those grieving. Lyrics like, "I made it through the rain and found myself respected by the others who got rained on too and made it through," bring forth a message of hope and camaraderie in grief.

What to say when someone dies is always tricky but sometimes you don't need to say anything to show how you feel. Funeral songs can be a great way of expressing yourself. 

6. "Somewhere Down The Road" (1981)

Capturing the hope of reuniting with a loved one, it's a touching choice for memorial services. Lines such as, "Somewhere down the road, our roads are gonna cross again," can offer comfort to those grieving, with the hope of an eternal reunion.

5. "Weekend In New England" (1976)

A touching tale of fleeting moments and goodbyes, it speaks volumes in funeral settings. The lyric, "When can I touch you? When will this strong yearning end?" encapsulates the feelings of longing and anticipation.

4. "Memory" (1982)

Originally from the musical Cats, Manilow's rendition is filled with nostalgia and reflection, making it apt for remembering a loved one. The line, "All alone with the memory of my days in the sun," evokes powerful imagery of cherished moments.

A song that works well for a funeral or at a wake, especially for celebrating the lift of a big Barry Manilow fan. Another reason this song is on our list of Barry Manilow songs for funerals is its message. 

3. "One Voice" (1979)

A song about unity and coming together, its themes resonate deeply during times of collective mourning. "Just one voice singing in the darkness," speaks to the singular power of unity and remembrance.

The lyrics can also be used for a funeral invitation or as a part of the obituary. Songs can be used in so many different ways. 

2. "The Old Songs" (1981)

Focusing on the timeless nature of music and memories, this track emphasises the power of songs to provide comfort and connection. Lines like, "Cuddle up and we'll make it sweet again," bring forth the warmth of cherished moments.

1. "Can't Smile Without You" (1978)

A testament to the depth of one's love and dependence on a loved one, this song is especially poignant in the context of a funeral. The chorus, "I can't smile without you," can deeply resonate with mourners missing their dear departed.

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