Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Funeral Songs

Top 10 Andrea Bocelli Funeral Songs

by Tess Bawa-an2023-09-200

Andrea Bocelli, a renowned Italian tenor, is known for his emotive and powerful performances. His songs, often imbued with themes of love, loss and faith, can provide solace and comfort during times of grief. When someone dies, it might not be your priority, but it could be a way of coping with your loss. Here are ten Andrea Bocelli funeral songs, with their significance and lyrics, that could be fitting for a funeral:

10. Time to Say Goodbye (Con te partirò) (1995)

Our first choice for Andrea Bocelli funeral songs is a poignant song about saying farewell, "Time to Say Goodbye", which can echo the feelings of those bidding their final goodbyes. The lyric, "Time to say goodbye, to countries I never saw and shared with you," conveys this sentiment of farewell.

9. Ave Maria (1999)

Bocelli's rendition of "Ave Maria" carries a sense of reverence and comfort, making it a fitting choice for a funeral. The words, "Ave Maria, gratia plena," are a plea for grace and mercy—a very appropriate option if you are looking for Andrea Bocelli songs for funerals. 

8. Because We Believe (2006)

"Because We Believe" speaks of hope, faith, and resilience in the face of loss, which can provide comfort to mourners at a funeral or cremation. The line, "We were born to shine, all of us here because we believe," reinforces this message of hope and faith.

7. Canto Della Terra (1999)

"Canto Della Terra" is a beautiful song about the love for our earth, potentially reminding mourners of their loved one's connection to nature. The line, "E io canto la terra, La sua pelle sottile," expresses this love for earth.

6. The Prayer (with Celine Dion) (1998)

A good option for Andrea Bocelli songs for funerals, "The Prayer", is a song that encapsulates a plea for guidance and strength, which can resonate deeply during times of grief. The lyric, "Lead us to a place, guide us with your grace," reflects this plea.

5. Vivere (Dare to Live) (with Laura Pausini) (2007)

"Vivere" is a powerful song about the courage to live life fully, even in the face of challenges. The line, "Dare to live, knowing that we might be touched," encourages this bravery. For a funeral in Westminster or anywhere, this is a song that's suitable and could provide comfort for the mourners at the funeral. 

4. Romanza (1997)

"Romanza" is a heartfelt song about a deep and enduring love. The lyric, "I give you love, as you give me love," embodies this love and can serve to remind mourners of the love they shared with the departed.

On our lists of Andrea Bocelli songs for funerals, this song appropriately conveys your feelings for the departed. 

3. Sogno (1999)

"Sogno" is a dreamlike song that could provide a soothing ambience during a funeral or cremation. The line, "I dream of souls that are always free," speaks of an eternal, unencumbered spirit.

2. Mille Lune Mille Onde (2001)

"Mille Lune Mille Onde" is a serene song about a journey across a thousand moons and waves, which can symbolise the journey of life and death. The lyric, "I will go over lands that you do not know," encapsulates this sense of voyage.

1. Il Mare Calmo Della Sera (1994)

Our last pick on our list of Andrea Bocelli funeral songs is "Il Mare Calmo Della Sera", a song about finding tranquillity, like a calm evening sea, amidst the chaos. The line, "I am searching for the peace of an evening sea," communicates this search for serenity.

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