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Our offers

Direct Cremation

A dignified Direct Cremation which is an affordable alternative to a traditional Funeral.

£ 995

Service at a Crematorium

We help you through every step of the funeral arrangements for a service at your chosen crematorium.

£ 1,690

Graveside Burial

When no ceremony or service is required we can arrange a peaceful graveside service without a celebrant.

£ 1,690

Bespoke Funeral Packages

Just as every life is unique every farewell can be too. We offer a wide range of personalized touches.


Bespoke Funeral Packages

Just as every life is unique every farewell can be too. We offer a wide range of personalized touches.

Fenix Funeral Directors in Wirral

Welcome to Fenix Funeral Directors in Wirral. Fenix Funerals began in 2014 with one idea - to improve our clients’ lives, by helping you to tailor each detail of a funeral ceremony, and make all the bookings at a set price, from the convenience of your own home.

We understand the sensitivity of this time for you, so we’ve created the most efficient booking system possible – because you should be able to say goodbye with peace of mind.

Fenix Funeral Directors in Wirral

Fenix begravningsbyrå

Planning a funeral in Wirral

Whether you have plans to book a religious, secular, non-traditional, green, or humanist funeral - our caring team is here to support you. We offer consultation, guidance, and clear fees upfront, so that you will get a funeral that is right for your situation, without hidden costs or delays.

At Fenix in Wirral, you can arrange everything via this webpage, or over the phone with us, or by meeting us in person - just contact us in the way you prefer. And if more than one person is organising the funeral, we can help you by organising your first team meeting, so that everyone can feel involved in the process.

At Fenix, we’re equipped to help you through the legal aspects (including wills and estates) whilst making the funeral plans. If it’s your first experience being in this kind of position, it can feel nerve-racking – rest assured, we are here to take any weight off your shoulders. Our attentive advisors can answer any questions with complete transparency, and we commit to protecting you at all times - no extra fees, no last-minute hassles.

It is also possible to book a meeting close to you. You can easily select a meeting office by clicking on the markers on the map.

Arranging a funeral

Arrange a funeral in Wirral in three simple steps.

Choose a deal
Book it here, or phone us, or visit us – advice, guidance, and quotes are free
Meet the celebrant
Let them help you plan the service - we can make it all happen
Be at the venue on the day - we will oversee every detail

One-of-a-kind Requests

Even though there’s a standard format that most funerals follow, we’re always keen for you to add your personal touch. Whatever requests you have, regarding anything from flower types, to decoration themes, music, art, or anything else – just express it to us. At Fenix in Wirral, we cherish each detail, because we want to make this day meaningful in your own unique way.
When you contact us at Fenix Funeral in Wirral, you never have to worry about being treated like a “customer”. For us, you are a fellow human being who needs support and help in a difficult time. You always get a personal adviser who is by your side through out the process.

Quotation and advice are always free