Top 10 Tom Jones Funeral Songs

Top 10 Tom Jones Funeral Songs

by Mojda Hashemyan2024-06-270

Tom Jones, the legendary Welsh singer with a powerhouse voice, has graced the world with his deep emotional ballads and stirring anthems. His music, which spans themes of love, loss and introspection, provides a resonant backdrop for moments of remembrance.

If this list doesn't contain the song you would like to use, ask your funeral director for assistance to help you pick the right song. 

Here are ten Tom Jones songs for funerals, along with their significance and a lyric from each that could be appropriate for a funeral:

10. "Help Yourself" (1968)

 A vibrant song about offering love and companionship, "Help Yourself" serves as a reminder of the joy of human connection. The line, "If you want my love, then take it baby," encapsulates the spirit of selfless giving and the beauty of shared emotions. 

9. "The Old Rugged Cross" (1999)

As a traditional hymn, Tom's rendition of this song offers comfort through faith. The lyric, "I will cling to the old rugged cross, and exchange it someday for a crown," emphasises hope and salvation. When planning a funeral, this song on our list of Tom Jones funeral songs could be the one that fits your funeral service. 

8. "Till" (1971)

Speaking to everlasting love and dedication, "Till" can resonate deeply during moments of remembrance. The line, "Till the moon deserts the sky, till all the seas run dry," illustrates the enduring nature of love. 

7. "I (Who Have Nothing)" (1970)

This passionate ballad about unrequited love speaks to the depth of human emotions and can be relevant during moments of loss. The lyric, "I, who have nothing, adore you and want you so," emphasises longing and devotion. With its strong message, when someone dies, this song could be the right pick from our Tom Jones funeral songs list. 

6. "If I Ruled the World" (1965)

A hopeful anthem, this song speaks of a better world filled with love and understanding. The line, "Every day would be the first day of spring," conjures images of renewal and fresh starts. The feeling of hope for a better world is why this song on our Tom Jones song for funerals list could be right for you.  It can also be used on a funeral invitation or as a funeral quote

5. "Without Love (There is Nothing)" (1970)

A profound reflection on the essential nature of love in our lives. The lyric, "Without love, I have nothing at all," serves as a touching reminder of love's irreplaceable value. The love you share with your loved one could be a good reason to pick this song on our list of Tom Jones funeral songs. 

4. "A Boy From Nowhere" (1987)

This song, filled with hope and the journey of self-discovery, speaks to the stories we carry within us. The line, "From nowhere, my eyes have seen the glory of the morning sun," captures the transformative power of love and self-acceptance.

3. "With These Hands" (1965)

A heartfelt dedication of love and commitment. The lyric, "With these hands, I'll provide for you, should there be a stormy sea, I'll turn the tide for you," conveys deep devotion. Every funeral or cremation would need the right music for the service. This song has a strong message and beautiful lyrics which could help you understand and come to terms with your loss. 

2. "What the World Needs Now Is Love" (2008)

A universal message of love and unity, especially touching during times of remembrance. The line, "What the world needs now is love, sweet love," underscores the timeless need for compassion and understanding.

1. "Love Me Tonight" (1969)

A soulful plea for connection and understanding. The lyric, "If you just let me make love to you, baby, there'll be no if's, and's, or maybe's," captures the immediacy of human connection.

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