Top 10 Shirley Bassey Songs for a Funeral

Top 10 Shirley Bassey Songs for a Funeral

by Tess Bawa-an2023-06-270

Known for her powerful voice and dramatic interpretations, Dame Shirley Bassey has a discography that spans over seven decades. Her songs, filled with raw emotion, have touched many hearts, making her music a fitting choice for a funeral. Here are ten Shirley Bassey songs for funerals, along with their significance and lyrics, that could be considered appropriate for such an occasion:

10. This Is My Life (1968)

The first song on our list of Shirley Bassey songs for a funeral is"This Is My Life", a powerful declaration of selfhood, resilience, and survival. At a funeral, it can serve as a celebration of the departed's individuality and strength. The lyric, "This is my life, and I don't give a damn for lost emotions," exudes a defiant spirit that can be uplifting during a time of loss.

9. I (Who Have Nothing) (1963)

"I (Who Have Nothing)" is a poignant song about love and longing. Its emotive lyrics can resonate with those who are mourning, reflecting their feelings of loss.

The line, "I, I who have nothing, I, I who have no one, adore you and want you so," captures the depth of this longing.  A song that we feel is well suited to our list of Shirley Bassey funeral songs

8. If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (1970)

"If You Go Away" is a song that speaks of the pain of parting. At a funeral, it can articulate the mourners' sense of loss and longing for the departed. The lyric, "But if you stay, I'll make you a day, like no day has been, or will be again," expresses the depth of the loved one's impact.

7. No Regrets (Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien) (1965)

Our list of Shirley Bassey songs for a funeral wouldn't be complete without "No Regrets", a song about facing life with courage and without regrets, making it fitting for a funeral that celebrates a life well lived. The line, "No, absolutely nothing, No, I regret nothing," could be interpreted as a testament to embracing all of life's experiences.

6. What Now My Love (1962)

"What Now My Love" is a deeply emotional song about the despair following the end of a relationship. Its sentiment of loss can be translated to the grief experienced after losing a loved one. The lyric, "What now my love, now that you've left me, how can I live through another day?" speaks to this intense feeling of loss.

5. Never, Never, Never (1973)

"Never, Never, Never" is a song about the complex emotions that come with love and loss. Its heartfelt lyrics can resonate with mourners as they navigate their own feelings of grief and loss.

The line, "I'd like to run away from you, but if you never found me, I would die," captures the profound sense of longing and heartache—a top pick for our Shirley Bassey funeral songs with its powerful message about loss and love. 

4. Yesterday, When I Was Young (1972)

"Yesterday, When I Was Young" is a reflective song about the passage of time and the regrets that come with age. Its poignant theme of reflection and nostalgia can resonate at a funeral or service at crematorium. The lyric, "The taste of life was sweet as rain upon my tongue," captures the sense of yearning for days gone by.

3. As Long as He Needs Me (1960)

"As Long as He Needs Me" is a song about enduring love and devotion. In the context of a funeral, it can reflect the mourners' enduring love for the departed. The line, "As long as he needs me, Oh, yes, he does need me, In spite of what you see," reflects an unwavering commitment and love.

2. The Greatest Performance of My Life (1972)

"The Greatest Performance of My Life" is a song about putting on a brave face despite inner turmoil. This sentiment can resonate at a funeral, reflecting the strength many may need to display during their grief. The line, "This is the greatest performance of my life, I've rehearsed it many times," can symbolise the courage required in the face of loss.

1. Where Do I Begin (Love Story) (1973)

The final song on our list of Shirley Bassey funeral songs is "Where Do I Begin (Love Story)", a poignant song that traces a love story from its start, making it a touching piece for a funeral service. It speaks to a deep and lasting love, much like the love mourners feel for the departed.

The lyric, "How long does it last, can love be measured by the hours in a day?" echoes the timeless bond that death cannot erase. Its overall sentiment assures that the love shared and memories created will be cherished, and the departed will be kept alive in hearts and stories.

When someone you love passes away, finding the right words or the songs for the service can be hard. Discuss your options with your funeral director to get a second opinion or help decide which songs you should play at the funeral. 

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