Top 10 Runrig Songs For a Funeral

Top 10 Runrig Songs For a Funeral

by Tess Bawa-an2023-12-140

Runrig, a Scottish Celtic rock band, has produced a number of songs that touch on themes of life, love, loss and the passage of time. These songs, with their emotional depth and cultural resonance, can be fitting for a funeral. Here are ten Runrig songs for funerals, along with their significance and a lyric from each that might be considered appropriate for a funeral:

10. The Greatest Flame (1991)

As a song about enduring love, "The Greatest Flame" can be a comforting reminder of the everlasting nature of our connections to each other.

The lyric, "When the light that's lost within us reaches the sky," can bring solace to those mourning a loved one's passing.

The powerful lyrics are the reason this song is our first choice for Runrig funeral songs. 

9. Skye (1991)

A good option on our list of Runrig funeral songs is "Skye", a tribute to the Isle of Skye, the band's homeland. This song may resonate at a funeral or cremation service, especially for someone who had a strong attachment to this place. The lyric, "You are the home of my heart," expresses this deep connection. 

8. Hearts of Olden Glory (1987)

"Hearts of Olden Glory" is a nostalgic song about the past and the pride in one's heritage. The lyric, "There must be a place, under the sun, where hearts of olden glory grow young," can serve as a comforting reminder of one's roots and the continuity of life.

When someone dies, planning the funeral or cremation requires finding music that echoes who the person was. This song on our list of Runrig songs for funerals could be the one that suits your service. 

7. The Old Boys (1999)

"The Old Boys" is a song about ageing and the passage of time. The line, "They're boys no more, not the boys of before, but grown men in another time," reflects on the inevitability of change and can resonate deeply during a funeral.

6. Abhainn an t-Sluaigh (2003)

"Abhainn an t-Sluaigh" (The Crowded River) is a song that conveys a sense of longing and homesickness.

The lyric, "I remember the old days, the hardship and the love," encapsulates the complex emotions that often accompany mourning. On our list of Runrig funeral songs, this song could be used when someone passes away far from home

5. Rhythm of My Heart (1996)

"Rhythm of My Heart" is a song about enduring love. The line, "The rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum, with the words 'I Love you' rolling off my tongue," can serve as a poignant reminder of the enduring bonds of love.

4. Loch Lomond (1978)

"Loch Lomond" is a song about the beauty of Scotland and a longing for home. The lyric, "By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes, where the sun shines bright on Loch Lomond," expresses a deep sense of longing that can resonate at a funeral.

3. Empty Glens (2007)

"Empty Glens" is a song about loss and change, reflecting on the disappearing way of life in rural Scotland.

The lyric, "The lights go down in the halls of desire, the old men are calling the tune," can evoke a sense of loss and nostalgia—one of the more emotionally loaded songs on our list of Runrig songs for funerals. 

2. Dance Called America (1985)

"Dance Called America" is a song about the search for identity and belonging. The line, "I believe in the dance called America, I was born with it down in my soul," can resonate with mourners seeking comfort and connection.

1. Proterra (2003)

"Proterra" is a song about the earth and its cycles of life and death. The lyric, "When the shadows lengthen, and burn away the past, they will fly me like an angel," speaks to the continuity of life and can offer comfort in a time of mourning.

It might be our last pick, but it's still a beautiful song and a good option on our Runrig funeral songs list.

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