Top 10 Queen Funeral Songs

Top 10 Queen Funeral Songs

by Tess Bawa-an2023-06-190

The legendary rock band Queen, with the charismatic Freddie Mercury as their frontman, has left an indelible mark on the music world. Many of their songs carry themes of love, life, loss, and reflection, making them suitable for a funeral service. Here are ten Queen funeral songs, along with their significance and lyrics, that could be considered appropriate for such an occasion:

10. Love of My Life (1975)

The first song on our list of Queen funeral songs is "Love of My Life", a poignant ballad about the deep bond of love. It can serve as a touching tribute to a departed loved one during a funeral. The lyric, "Love of my life, can't you see? Bring it back, bring it back, don't take it away from me," captures the longing and grief that come with loss.

9. Who Wants to Live Forever (1986)

"Who Wants to Live Forever" is a song that contemplates mortality and the transient nature of life and love. The line, "Who wants to live forever, when love must die," speaks to the pain of saying goodbye to a loved one and is the second song on our list of Queen songs for funerals.

8. These Are the Days of Our Lives (1991)

"These Are the Days of Our Lives" is a reflective song about looking back on the joys of youth and accepting the passage of time. This sense of nostalgia can resonate at a funeral, as mourners recall memories of their loved one. The lyric, "Those were the days of our lives, the bad things in life were so few," encapsulates this sentiment.

7. You're My Best Friend (1975)

Another option on our Queen funeral songs list is "You're My Best Friend”, a song about the deep bond of friendship, which can provide comfort at a funeral, celebrating the profound connections the departed formed in their lifetime. The line, "Ooh, you make me live, whatever this world can give to me, it's you, you're all I see," reflects the significance of such bonds.

6. The Show Must Go On (1991)

"The Show Must Go On" is a powerful song about resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity and despair. Its message of strength can be both uplifting and comforting during a funeral or cremation service. The lyric, "I'll face it with a grin, I'm never giving in, on with the show," communicates this determination and resilience.

5. Friends Will Be Friends (1986)

"Friends Will Be Friends" is a comforting song about friendship and support during tough times. Its message can provide a sense of warmth and solidarity at a funeral. The line, "Friends will be friends, when you're in need of love, they give you care and attention," emphasises the importance of mutual support during times of grief. If you are looking for Queen funeral songs, this might be a good option. 

4. Save Me (1980)

"Save Me" is a heartfelt song about longing for salvation and comfort during a painful time. This sentiment can resonate with mourners, reflecting their emotions of longing and loss. The lyric, "Save me, save me, save me, I can't face this life alone," articulates these feelings.

3. No One but You (Only the Good Die Young) (1997)

"No One but You (Only the Good Die Young)" is a tribute to Freddie Mercury and all the people who died too young. The song's themes of remembrance and tribute make it particularly fitting for a graveside burial. The line, "Only the good die young, only the good die young," can provide a sense of shared solace in mourning a life cut short.

2. Let Me Live (1995)

One of the last songs on our list of Queen songs for funerals, "Let Me Live", is a song that pleads for a chance to live and love. While it's originally about asking for space in a relationship, it can be interpreted at a funeral as a plea from the departed for their loved ones to continue living and cherishing life. The line, "Let me live (let me live), oh yeah, let me live, let me live, keep me alive," conveys this message of resilience and perseverance.

1. Don't Try So Hard (1991)

"Don't Try So Hard" is a poignant song about the pressure of living up to expectations and the importance of self-acceptance. The lyric, "If you're searching out for something, don't try so hard. If you're feeling kinda nothing, don't try so hard," can be comforting at a funeral, suggesting that it's okay to feel lost or uncertain during times of grief.

Searching for the right song for a funeral in Enfield is always hard. What did your loved one like and what would be suitable? Choose the song you feel would be comforting at this emotional moment. 

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