Top 10 Michael Buble Funeral Songs

Top 10 Michael Buble Funeral Songs

by Tess Bawa-an2023-09-200

Michael Bublé, the Canadian singer known for his soulful and emotive performances, has several songs that could be suitable for a funeral. His music often explores themes of love, longing and nostalgia, making them fitting for a service that celebrates life and expresses grief. Here are ten Michael Bublé funeral songs, with their significance and a lyric from each, that could be appropriate for a funeral:

10. Home (2005)

Our top pick on the list of Michael Buble funeral songs is "Home", a poignant song about longing for a loved one and the comfort of home.

It could resonate with mourners longing for their departed loved one. The lyric, "I'm just too far from where you are, I wanna come home," expresses this sentiment.

9. Lost (2007)

"Lost" is a song about feeling adrift but finding strength within oneself. It could provide comfort to those feeling lost without their loved ones. The line, "You are not alone, and I am there with you," communicates this message of companionship and support. Find the right song with the help of your funeral director if you feel it's hard to choose. 

8. Hold On (2009)

"Hold On" is a song about the power of enduring love. It can provide solace to mourners holding on to their memories of the departed. The lyric, "Hold on to me, don't you ever let me go," signifies this deep, unyielding attachment.

A very suitable song that, even though it's not our top pick for our Michael Buble songs for funerals list, still conveys your feeling of never wanting to let go of the departed. 

7. Feeling Good (2005)

"Feeling Good" can remind mourners of the beauty of life and the world, even in times of sorrow. The line, "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me, and I'm feeling good," communicates a message of hope and renewal.

6. Always on My Mind (2007)

"Always on My Mind" can resonate deeply with mourners who carry their departed loved one in their thoughts. The line, "Maybe I didn't hold you all those lonely, lonely times, and I guess I never told you, I'm so happy that you're mine," acknowledges regret and the depth of love.

5. End of May (2009)

"End of May" is a beautiful, heartfelt song about the pain of goodbyes, making it a fitting choice for a funeral. The lyric, "And how the time just floats away, end of May," encapsulates the feeling of time slipping away during moments of grief.

When someone dies, finding the right song is hard, but this song on our list of Michael Buble songs for funerals might be appropriate for your service. 

4. Close Your Eyes (2013)

"Close Your Eyes" can provide solace to mourners with its gentle, comforting melody. The line, "Close your eyes, let me tell you all the reasons why you're never going to have to cry," conveys a message of reassurance.

3. I Believe in You (2016)

"I Believe in You" is a song about believing in someone even when they can't believe in themselves. The lyric, "When you're caught in the rain with nowhere to run, when you're distraught and in pain without anyone," could bring comfort to those in grief.

2. At This Moment (2009)

A good choice from our list of Michael Buble funeral songs is "At This Moment", which can remind mourners of the preciousness of each moment with a loved one. The line, "Would you look at me and wonder if I'm lying?" expresses regret and longing for past moments.

1. Save the Last Dance for Me (2005)

"Save the Last Dance for Me" can provide a sense of hope and remembrance as mourners "save a dance" in their hearts for their departed loved ones.

The line, "But don't forget who's taking you home, and in whose arms you're gonna be," signifies remembrance and loyalty. This song on our list of Michael Buble songs for funerals might fit your funeral or cremation service. 

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