Top 10 Johnny Mathis songs for funeral

Top 10 Johnny Mathis songs for funeral

by Tess Bawa-an2024-02-150

Renowned for his silky smooth voice and romantic ballads, Johnny Mathis has spent over six decades capturing the ebbs and flows of human emotion in his music.

Several of his songs speak to the universal experiences of love, loss and memory, making them fitting for a funeral service. Ask your funeral director for advice if you need help selecting the right song. 

Here are ten Johnny Mathis songs for a funeral, along with their significance and a lyric from each that could be appropriate for a funeral:

10. "Chances Are" (1957)

This iconic Johnny Mathis song speaks of a love that is felt so strongly it can't be forgotten. The line, "Chances are, though I wear a silly grin the moment you come into view," expresses enduring affection, a sentiment that can provide comfort during a funeral or cremation service. This song is our first pick for our Johnny Mathis songs for a funeral list.  

9. "Misty" (1959)

"Misty" captures the overwhelming power of love and memory. The lyric, "I'm too misty, and too much in love," speaks to the intense emotions often felt in the face of loss.

Facing your feelings when someone dies can be incredibly hard, and this song on our list of Johnny Mathis funeral songs could be what lets you express those feelings. 

8. "It's Not For Me To Say" (1957)

This song, imbued with gentle acceptance, could resonate deeply with mourners. The line, "It's not for me to say you love me," captures the unknowability of another's feelings, a sentiment that can be profound during a time of mourning.

7. "The Twelfth of Never" (1957)

This romantic ballad on our list of Johnny Mathis funeral songs expresses a love that is everlasting. The lyric, "I'll love you 'til the poets run out of rhyme," offers a sense of enduring love and memory, making it suitable for a funeral service.

6. "Wonderful! Wonderful!" (1956)

In this song, Mathis captures the joy of being in love. The line, "So kiss me, and say you understand," can evoke memories of love and connection, providing a sense of solace during a funeral.

Planning a wake or a funeral requires finding the right music. Wonderful! Wonderful! could be a song from our Johnny Mathis funeral songs list that is right for your loved one. 

5. "Small World" (1959)

"Small World" is a poignant song about finding love in unexpected places. The line, "Small world, isn't it? Funny, isn't it small and funny and fine?" reflects on the unpredictability of life and love, a sentiment that can resonate at a funeral.

4. "What Will Mary Say" (1963)

This song speaks to the fear of causing pain to those we love. The lyric, "What will Mary say when she finds out I was out with you?" can be interpreted as a reflection on our actions and their impacts on our loved ones. 

3. "Maria" (1960)

A cover of the song from the musical "West Side Story," "Maria" is a passionate expression of love. The lyric, "Maria, I'll never stop saying Maria," speaks to the enduring power of love, a comforting sentiment during a funeral or cremation service.

2. "A Certain Smile" (1958)

This song captures the transience and beauty of a moment of connection. The line, "A certain smile, a certain face, can lead an unsuspecting heart on a merry chase," reflects on the lasting impact of brief moments, a poignant sentiment at a funeral.

1. "When Sunny Gets Blue" (1956)

"When Sunny Gets Blue" is a touching song about comforting a loved one through their pain. The line, "When Sunny gets blue, her eyes get grey and cloudy," can evoke feelings of empathy and care during a time of mourning.

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