Top 10 Foster and Allen Songs for Funerals

Top 10 Foster and Allen Songs for Funerals

by Tess Bawa-an2023-08-250

Foster and Allen, the Irish folk music duo, have crafted numerous heartfelt songs throughout their careers. Many of these tracks are imbued with themes of love, loss and longing, making them fitting for a funeral service. Here are ten Foster and Allen songs for funerals, along with their significance and lyrics, that could be considered suitable for a funeral:

10. A Bunch of Thyme (1982)

"A Bunch of Thyme" is a melancholic song about fleeting love. It can resonate deeply with mourners, reminding them to cherish the love they shared with the departed.

The lyric, "For love it is a killing thing, Did you ever feel the pain?" speaks to the depth of such loss. This is our first choice for our list of Foster and Allen songs for funerals

9. Maggie (1983)

The second song on our list of Foster and Allen funeral songs is "Maggie", a poignant song about growing old with a loved one. It may comfort those at a funeral by echoing their memories of the departed.

The line, "They say we are aged and grey, Maggie, As spray by the white breakers flung," reflects this shared journey through life. 

8. I Will Love You All My Life (1998)

"I Will Love You All My Life" is a heartfelt song about lifelong love. It could serve as a reminder to mourners of the enduring love they feel for the departed.

The lyric, "You're forever telling me I'm wrong, But I'm criticised, I never speak," highlights love's enduring bonds, even through differences. Even though the song has a very strong message, it's in third place on our list of Foster and Allen songs for funerals

7. After All These Years (2005)

"After All These Years" is a song about the lasting power of love. It could be comforting for those mourning, reminding them that their love for the departed will continue "after all these years." The line, "After all these years, you've stood by me," emphasises this lasting love.

You can always discuss your choice of funeral song with your funeral director if you struggle to pick the right one for the funeral service. 

6. Old Flames (1998)

"Old Flames" is a song about the undying nature of first loves. This song could resonate with those who are reminded of their everlasting love for the departed at a funeral or cremation service. The lyric, "Old flames can't hold a candle to you," expresses this persistent affection.

5. The Old Rustic Bridge (1982)

"The Old Rustic Bridge" is a song that uses the imagery of a rustic bridge to symbolise connection and memory. It could be poignant at a funeral, serving as a metaphor for remembering the departed.

The line, "The old rustic bridge by the mill, Is a spot forever in my heart," encapsulates this sentiment.

4. Silver Threads Among the Gold (1991)

"Silver Threads Among the Gold" is a song about growing old together. It could resonate with those who have shared a lifelong relationship with the departed.

The lyric, "Darling, I am growing old, Silver threads among the gold," embodies this enduring bond. This song on our list of Foster and Allen funeral songs symbolises growing old and a lifelong, shared path. 

3. Unchained Melody (1996)

"Unchained Melody" is a classic song about longing for a loved one. Its deep emotional resonance could reflect the feelings of mourners. The line, "I need your love, I need your love, God speed your love to me," expresses this longing.

2. A Mother's Way (2012)

"A Mother's Way" is a song about a mother's love and her way of expressing it. If the departed was a mother figure, this song could serve as a beautiful tribute. The line, "It was a mother's way of holding back the years," captures the loving sentiment.

1. I Can't Stop Loving You (1991)

"I Can't Stop Loving You" is a powerful song about the impossibility of letting go of a loved one. At a funeral, it could mirror mourners' feelings of loss. The lyric, "I've made up my mind, To live in memory of the lonesome times," reflects this enduring love.

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