Elvis songs for funerals - ‘The King’ of heartfelt farewells

Elvis songs for funerals - ‘The King’ of heartfelt farewells

by Jon Crawford2023-04-280

Elvis Presley. A legendary artist whose music spans many genres and emotions. 

Whether you are looking for ballads for a secular service, rock n roll funeral songs or the best gospel and Christian songs for a funeral, there’s an Elvis track to suit any mood.

‘The King’ is particularly popular with older generations, but his iconic baritone captivates audiences of all ages, making his songs hugely popular at funerals. 

So, if you are planning a funeral for an Elvis fan, or simply looking for some beautiful songs to hit the right notes at a service, we’ve compiled our favourite Elvis funeral songs into a handy list.

The 10 Best Elvis Songs For a Funeral

10. Peace in the Valley

Peace in the Valley speaks of finding serenity in the face of adversity and reaching a final resting place of peace and happiness. Its gentle tempo and comforting message can be a tonic in tough times. 

9. Always on My Mind 

This lilting ballad conveys a sense of longing and a desire to make amends. Despite its wistful sense of lost love, the song reminds us that the departed will remain in our memories for many years to come.

8. Love Me Tender

A popular Elvis funeral song that will strike a chord with older generations in particular. The lyrics of the song, speaking of life-long love and devotion take on an especially emotional significance in a funeral service.

7. That's Someone You Never Forget

This introspective ballad explores the power of memory and is an emotive tribute to the enduring power of love. A bit of a tearjerker, but a blissful, harmonic expression of our desire to hold our loved-ones deep in our memory after they pass.

6. You'll Never Walk Alone

Elvis’s version of this classic funeral song is uplifting with its crescendo of layered harmonies. It speaks of a bond unbroken by death and brighter times ahead.

5. If I Can Dream

This song focuses on hope and unity in the future. It could be a thoughtful choice for the funeral of someone passionate about social justice or who always brought harmony to the family.

4. Amazing Grace

A timeless hymn and perhaps the world’s best-known gospel song. The King’s version is particularly moving and heartfelt. Worshipful, soothing, and a hugely popular Elvis funeral song. You can always discuss your choices of funeral songs with your funeral director to get advice. 

3. How Great Thou Art

How Great Thou Art is another popular hymn augmented by Elvis’s deep gospel baritone and a soaring, heavenly crescendo. It’s perfect for an uplifting funeral, be it in a church, or a secular venue. 

2. In the Garden

Another of Elvis’s gospel classics, In the Garden tells of finding peace and comfort in nature. This rendition is beautiful and serene, and a good choice to honour someone who enjoyed the great outdoors.

1. My Way

More upbeat than the previous songs perhaps, Elvis’s version of this classic captures the essence of a life lived to the full and without regret. Often used to celebrate the life of someone with a rebellious spirit who never gave up and ‘lived their best life’.

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