Top 100 funeral flower ideas

Top 100 funeral flower ideas

by Jon Crawford2023-12-130

With the sudden loss of a loved one, words can falter.  At these times, the silent beauty of floral funeral tributes can express a broad range of emotions in their place. Adding colour and condolence in the bleakest of times, the tradition of funeral flowers is deeply woven into the tradition of grief and mourning all over the world.

The UK is no exception when it comes to embracing blooms. Many will remember the outpouring of public grief following the death of Princess Diana, the iconic images of a sea of flowers laid in her memory. The estimated 60 million bouquets that were placed by the British public were a testament to the significance the UK places upon flowers in commemorating the dead.

At Fenix, we make funeral planning less stressful for our customers. This can include - among many things - pairing you with a florist who will compassionately translate your needs and wishes into a stunning floral tribute to your loved one. 

Alongside matching our customers with the best possible services, we like to give guidance and inspiration on bereavement issues and funeral planning. With this in mind, we have compiled this guide featuring our 100 best funeral flower ideas. From timeless tributes, to the quirkiest floral displays, we hope it will inspire and inform.

And remember, if you need assistance in any area of planning a funeral, contact us today for advice and non binding quotes from our bereavement-trained staff.

Timeless and traditional flower species for a UK funeral

1. Lilies

Lilies are the most popular choice of flower for funerals in the UK. Elegant, classy and timeless, their delicate structure and pale white and gold colours have come to signify purity, serenity and innocence. They have a beautiful, strong scent, beloved by many.

2. Carnations

Carnations are known as a flower that can last a long time if cared for, making them a good choice for a memorial that can bring comfort in the days following the funeral ceremony. They are robust and well suited to making custom floral tributes and wreaths. 

Because they come in various colours, they can symbolise many different concepts. For example, white carnations symbolise purity and innocence and red carnations are said to convey a sense of intense love and affection. 

3. Roses

Roses are another eternally popular choice for floral tributes in the UK. There are so many varieties and colours, each conveying its own unique symbolism and meaning. Whether in bouquets or as single blooms placed on a coffin, they are a classic and traditional choice.

4. Orchids

Orchids are sometimes confused with lilies but they are from a separate plant family despite similarities. Orchids at funerals symbolise love and beauty. Like other species, different colours can have different meanings.

5. Chrysanthemums

Associated with death and mourning for centuries, chrysanthemums are widely used in funeral arrangements and are said to represent loyalty and longevity. Their connection to funeral traditions is particularly strong in European countries such as Spain, Italy and Croatia. They are a popular traditional choice for funerals in the UK, too.

6. Tulips

Tulips are another mainstay of funeral flowers in the UK. They come in many different shades, with each having a special meaning. The fact that they are available in so many colours makes them a regular choice for custom arrangements.

7. Freesia 

Strongly-scented and bright, freesias are popular at funerals in the UK when there is a desire to symbolise friendship and loyalty.

8. Hydrangeas

Representing heartfelt emotions and understanding, hydrangeas are chosen for their lush blooms and versatility when making wreaths and coffin sprays for funerals.

9. Sunflowers

Sunflowers used in a funeral flower display have become popular in the UK. Uplifting and colourful, they represent the light and joy that a deceased person has brought to the lives of those they knew.

10. Gladioli

Gladioli are a striking bloom with a long, pointed flower stem. They are popular in coffin sprays. They embody the qualities of integrity, decency and strength of character. They come in many colours, which is another reason they are so popular in custom floral tributes.

Colours for funeral flowers and their meanings

With the explosion of custom funerals in the UK, florists can supply flowers in practically any colour imaginable thanks to spray technology. 

So, if you’re searching for colourful funeral flowers in a shade not listed here, don’t worry! We can match you with a florist who will be able to translate your wishes into a beautiful display to match the spirit of your loved one.

11. White 

White flowers are the most universally popular for mourning and funerals. This traditional colour represents purity, peace and honour. White is also the colour of mourning in many countries around the world.

12. Red 

Red symbolises strength, passion, love and beauty. A popular choice for paying tribute to a beloved partner or mother.

13. Pink 

A traditionally feminine colour, less so in modern times, pink represents gentleness, compassion and is a respectful choice of colour for a floral tribute for a funeral in the UK.

14. Purple

Purple for funeral flowers conveys a strong sense of dignity and respect, with regal overtones.

15. Blue

Associated with the Catholic faith and also melancholy, blue represents mourning and condolence but also hope for the future and freedom.

16. Yellow

Yellow flowers at a funeral, such as vibrant spring daffodils or sunflowers, represents hope and happy memories of friendship. Yellow is a popular colour for floral tributes at a celebration of life funeral service.

The most popular types of funeral flower displays in the UK

When it comes to choosing the floral tributes for a funeral, there are many options to consider. The type of funeral service and the budget available are both factors to consider. Here are some of the most commonly-chosen forms that floral tributes for funerals in the UK take.

17. Funeral Spray

Funeral sprays are detailed and thoughtful floral arrangements that are often sent to the family of the deceased. They can be customised with any flowers or colours by your florist and usually come in two shapes:

  • Single ended - a teardrop-shaped design
  • Double ended - a leaf or diamond shape

18. Coffin Spray

An enduring and emotive tribute, used for most burials in the UK. The coffin spray is an arrangement of blooms that covers the entire top lid of the coffin. It is usually curated by the immediate family of the deceased and for this reason, deeply personal.

19. Modern/alternative Coffin Spray

For those who want to pay tribute to their loved ones in a different or minimal style, coffin sprays can be tailored into contemporary tributes in a variety of shapes.

20. Funeral Wreaths

The laying of funeral wreaths is an established tradition in the UK. They are circular in design with a hollow in the centre and can be made from many species of flowers. The circular design also symbolises eternal life and the cycles of nature.

21. Basket floral display

A tasteful and colourful arrangement of flowers in a basket can be either modern or traditional, using flowers and colours that evoke the character of the deceased and your relationship to them.

22. Funeral Sheaves

The funeral sheaf is a bouquet of hand-selected flowers that is designed to be laid flat rather than stand upright in a vase. They are ideal for funeral tributes, where they can be placed on display anywhere.

23. Posies 

A funeral posy is a smaller display of flowers sent by mourners, which looks beautiful from all angles thanks to its circular design. They are often ‘based’ using foam in a small basket, but can take many forms according to taste and the types of flowers chosen.

24. Funeral Pillows

The funeral pillow is a popular choice for many mourners in the UK. Also known as the pillow of rest, its shape conveys the sentiment of the deceased being finally at peace.

25. Classic Bouquet

If you are attending a funeral in person and short on time and want to pick some flowers up on the way, your local florist will help you piece together a beautiful bunch of flowers from some of their best-selling funeral favourites. 

26. Single flowers

Minimalistic, yet a perfect expression of intense emotion, a single rose placed on a coffin lid, or petals scattered onto a grave can convey a sense of mourning and lifelong love that matches ornate arrangements. If the deceased had a favourite flower, this could be an evocative tribute that speaks volumes in its sincerity.

Family funeral flowers 

The death of a close family member is a devastating event for everyone related to them. When it comes to funeral flowers, the immediate family will often create a fitting arrangement that reflects their loved one’s tastes and personality. 

As custom funerals - booked through trusted platforms like Fenix - grow ever more popular, the options for funeral flowers have also expanded. Here we take a look at some of the most popular ideas for custom coffin sprays and arrangements for those closest to us.

27. Classic ‘Mum’ white letter tribute 

Perhaps the most popular way of saying goodbye to a much-loved mother in the UK is the floral Mum display. Popular flower species used in such tributes are carnations and chrysanthemums, punctuated with pink and yellow roses for detail.

28. ‘Mum’ letter tribute made from red roses

If you are looking for a tribute to a glamorous mother who enjoyed a life well-lived and want to show the impact of her character and the depth of love felt for her by her children, then something luxurious and eye-catching like a custom lettered display of red roses might be fitting. The cost will be a bit higher than using chrysanthemums, for example, but the visual impact is stunning.

29. Funeral wreath of white lilies for Mum

As mentioned earlier in this guide, white lilies are very popular to commemorate a lost mother and evoke a sense of purity, serenity and peacefulness. Add a handwritten card to the wreath to express your love and gratitude for a deeply personal tribute.

30. Letter floral funeral tribute for Dad 

Continuing the theme of ever-popular letter tributes for funerals in the UK, it is one of the most popular memorials for Dad, too. Online florists will have these available to order in set colour choices or you can create your own custom tribute in the flowers and colours of your choice to reflect Dad’s character. 

31. Letter floral tribute for Dad in his team colours

Football is a passion for many fathers in the UK and for those particularly devoted to their team, a letter tribute in the team colours is a common choice. Red and white carnations for Manchester United or Arsenal, green and yellow for Norwich City… the options are almost endless. 

32. Bespoke letter tribute to lost son or daughter

A simple but emotive tribute is the words ‘Son’ or ‘Daughter’ in a selection of flowers combining their favourite species and colours.

33. Custom floral tribute for a son or daughter who loved music

Honour a music fan with a bespoke coffin spray or tribute in the shape of a guitar or other musical instrument. DJ decks and headphones are also popular shapes to honour young people who lived for music.

34. Pink and purple ‘Nan’ or ‘Gran’ letter tribute with silk ribbons

A luxurious and warm-toned letter tribute for Nan, Grandma or Gran is a popular and fitting choice for many in the UK wishing farewell to a beloved grandmother. Ribbons add elegance and beauty to evoke the generous and warm spirit of the deceased. Of course, custom colours are always available and you can pick Nan’s favourite flowers for the display. 

35. Custom letter tribute for Grandad in his favourite colours

Again, to pay tribute to Grandad, you could select his favourite team colours or other colours with significance to him. Perhaps he was a keen gardener? Is there a favourite flower of his that can be incorporated? Even a shed-shaped custom tribute is possible.

36. A basket of white and pink blooms for a beloved Aunt

Create a serene tribute to a beloved Aunt or Auntie with a basket tribute with white, cream and pink roses symbolising love, tranquillity and purity. You can include a message of remembrance on a card in the basket, too.

37. Tribute to a favourite young at heart Uncle

For your favourite uncle consider a modern arrangement that combines bright colours from sunflowers and daisies with a modern arrangement.

Floral tributes for the funerals of children and young people

The loss of every life is an awful thing for a family to endure. This tragedy is amplified further with the death of someone young, who had their whole life left to live. 

It’s a decision that every parent hopes they will never have to make, but here are some of the most popular custom floral tributes chosen to commemorate children and young people in the UK.  

38. Floral tribute for a stillborn baby

An occasion as sad as this calls for great sensitivity and decorum. Some flowers that convey the appropriate emotions and feelings are: 

  • Pink carnations to symbolise a mother’s love
  • Daffodils and other spring blooms to symbolise new life and hope
  • White lilies to symbolise purity

39. Custom teddy bear funeral spray for a child

Comforting, soft and innocent. Every baby, toddler and child has a favourite teddy bear or cuddly toy. A popular request for florists in the UK is a custom coffin spray including a teddy bear - either supplied by them or using one of the child’s favourites. Funeral sprays in the shape of teddy bears and animals are also popular for the sad event of a child’s funeral. 

40. Custom racing car funeral flower display

Another common request for children’s funerals is a custom arrangement in the shape of a sports car - either generic or in the form of a well known brand, such as Ferrari. The incredible variety of colours that florists have to work with, coupled with their skill, almost anything is possible.

41. Baby girl angel funeral display

Emotive and delicate and able to convey grief and love in equal amounts, angel-shaped funeral displays are very popular in the UK. The death of a baby or young girl can be fittingly marked with a bespoke angel arrangement, usually in pure whites with shades of pink. 

42. Disney character flowers for a child’s funeral in the UK

The magic of Disney and the films and characters they create still captivates children all over the world, the UK being no exception. Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Tigger and other classic characters are popular along with characters from more recent Disney films like Frozen.

43. Harry Potter funeral flowers for children and teens

Still a global obsession for children (and adults), the Harry Potter films are beloved classics and inspire a fierce attachment for younger fans. From the Hogwarts School crest to Hedwig the white owl so are so many choices to honour a young and sadly-departed Harry Potter fan.

Most popular custom shapes for floral funeral tributes in the UK

We have touched on some specific custom shapes already, but there are so many more that florists around the UK create on a regular basis. Here are some that are common across the country.

44. Star-shaped funeral flowers

A timeless shape that can represent so much - the celestial, someone’s vibrant character, spirituality. A star-shaped display is a great way to honour someone who’s life burned bright and will never be forgotten.

45. Heart-shaped funeral tribute

An incredibly popular form for funeral floral tributes is that of the classic heart shape. It can be placed on the coffin or grave and conveys enduring love for the deceased.

46. Cross-shaped funeral flowers for a Christian burial or cremation

The holy cross is the symbol of Christianity, providing strength and comfort in the love of Jesus Christ to those who believe. Still incredibly popular in traditional funerals across the UK.

47. Angel wings funeral flower tribute 

An enduring and heartfelt tribute to a wife or girlfriend commonly takes the form of angel wings. White blooms and sometimes goose feathers often form this beautiful tribute, which evokes a sense of eternal life in heaven and beauty and love lost too soon.

48. Butterfly funeral flower tribute

Usually constructed on a foam base in a variety of bright colours and flowers, the symbol of the butterfly can be seen to represent the transformation and setting free of the soul after death.  A perfect tribute to a free spirit who loved nature.

49. Teardrop funeral flower tribute

Often used as a coffin spray, a foam base teardrop arrangement is an incredibly popular choice for a floral funeral display in the UK. It encapsulates sorrow and grief but can also represent many other emotions through the careful choice of colours and species. 

50. Rainbow funeral flowers

Bright, cheery and bursting with colour, the rainbow evokes sentiments of hope and better times to come. As the adopted emblem of LGBTQ+ people all over the world it is a popular flower arrangement at funerals.

Popular floral tributes from the diverse traditions, religions and cultures in the UK

The UK is a diverse and multicultural country, host to people of many faiths, nationalities and cultural groups. Here at Fenix, we can assist everybody tailor the perfect funeral ceremony to their specific needs, including arranging stunning floral tributes.

51. Hindu funeral flowers - Om/Aum posies, pillows and sprays

The Om symbol and chant lie at the spiritual core of Hinduism, the essence of true consciousness. Florists all over the UK complete orders for custom Om floral tributes regularly. A popular design is a white circle of blooms with the Om symbol inset in red flowers, but it can be customised.

52. Hindu funeral flowers - traditional funeral garland

One of the most important funeral rites in Hinduism is the placing of a floral garland around the neck of the deceased. The immediate family will usually choose this garland.

53. Muslim funeral flowers

For those who are devoutly religious, the emphasis of a funeral in Islam is usually on simplicity and modesty, so check with the family first if you want to take flowers of condolence. Charity donations in memory of the deceased are often the most appropriate alternative to sympathy flowers.  

Also, some florists may struggle to provide custom floral arrangements for a muslim funeral as in adherence to the Koran, the burial of the deceased should take place as soon as possible after death. 

Popular tributes for Muslim funerals in the UK, however, will usually be similar to the most popular displays in this list, it really depends on each person and family’s preferences.

54. Flowers for a Jewish funeral

Similar in some ways to funeral traditions in Islam, Jewish funerals for those who are orthodox in their beliefs are required to be simple and modest. Donations to a nominated charity or food for the family of the deceased are encouraged over flowers, which are traditionally a symbol of joy and celebration and could be seen to dilute the solemnity of a funeral. Again, it depends on the family and how strictly they adhere to Jewish teaching.

55. Traditional religious floral tribute for a Catholic funeral

All types of flowers are welcome at traditional catholic funerals. One popular option, however, is the funeral wreath with an icon of the Virgin in the centre. 

Carnations are a popular flower of choice for a Catholic funeral as they are said to have been created by the Virgin Mary’s tears. Reds and purples are also common.

56. A green, white and gold tribute for an Irish funeral

The national colours of Ireland are a popular choice for funeral pillows and coffin sprays of those with Irish heritage in the UK. A search online also reveals that the iconic Guinness beer glass is common too, for lovers of the Dublin-brewed stout.

57. White flowers and flag-coloured tributes for an Italian funeral

It is traditional to send white flowers, especially chrysanthemums - a symbol of death and mourning - in condolence in Italy. An Italian funeral in the UK may borrow from this tradition, those of the Catholic faith and custom UK funeral tribute trends. A common site may be a funeral pillow in the shape and colours (red, white and green) of the Italian flag.

58. Thistle funeral tribute for a Scottish funeral

The thistle is the national symbol of Scotland, and the rich purple colour of its flowers make it a fitting choice for a floral tribute at a funeral. It is not likely that thistles would be used in the display, it’s more common for a custom thistle-shaped tribute to be constructed from green leaves, perhaps eucalyptus, and purple flowers and lilac blooms to create the thistle head.

59. Daffodils and dragons - Welsh funeral flowers

Two iconic national symbols of Wales are commonly requested at funerals. The red Welsh dragon is known all over the world and is a powerful tribute to someone who was proud of their Welsh heritage. Bright yellow daffodils are also a popular request.

60. White Irises for a traditional Chinese funeral 

White is the colour of mourning in China and Irises are the flower most associated with death and mourning. Lilies and Chrysanthemums in white are also popular and have the same association.

61. Flowers for a Japanese funeral in the UK

Similarly to other Asian cultures, chrysanthemums and lilies in white and yellow are the most common flowers to be associated with Japanese funeral traditions. The floral tributes are normally chosen by the immediate family of the deceased. It is more appropriate for mourners to make a donation, either to the family to help them through the bereavement period, or a charity, than it is to give flowers.

62. Sikh Khanda floral tribute

More than half a million Sikhs live in the UK. Flowers are an appropriate expression of condolence to the family of the deceased in Sikhism. One of the most popular floral tributes for a Sikh funeral is the symbol of the Khanda - often made from orange-sprayed chrysanthemums or similar.

Custom floral funeral tributes that reflect personality and interests

Here at Fenix, we know that every death is as unique as every life. Florists also recognise this and go the extra mile to create a one-of-a-kind floral tribute to honour even the biggest characters.

At a funeral in the UK, it’s now common to see unique flower arrangements in different shapes reflecting the occupation, hobbies and passions of the deceased. 

63. Custom funeral flowers for people who loved their jobs

Some people love their profession with such a passion that it is woven into their personality, touching the lives of their family and friends too. Often, there is no more fitting tribute than a bespoke flower arrangement that depicts this. Here are a few examples of the endless custom possibilities.

64. Floral tribute for a dedicated nurse

There are few professions where compassion and dedication to the job are so important. Health workers at the forefront of the pandemic were national heroes in the UK. Sadly, a large number lost their lives treating others. A popular request at funerals across the UK is a floral tribute in the shape of a blue and white nurses uniform.

65. An anchor or a boat tribute for a fisherman/woman

A popular shape for a floral tribute in coastal and fishing communities across the UK, what icon can better honour a person who dedicated their life to the sea?

66. A sheaf of wheat or a tractor tribute for a farm worker

The UK’s farmers work tirelessly, day in day out, and it’s without doubt a life-defining profession. It's common for a funeral of a farmer to see a custom floral tribute depicting their life-long work - a tractor or wheatsheaf or perhaps a representation of the livestock or produce they farmed.

67. A steering wheel or car-shaped tribute for a taxi driver

Car-themed floral funeral tributes are very popular in the UK. Motoring, motorsports and cars are a passion for many, not only those who work with vehicles everyday.Truck shaped designs are also a popular tribute to lorry drivers, from their family and employers.

68. Microphone floral tribute for a singer or performer

A microphone-shaped tribute is a popular choice. Not only for professional artists, but the legions of amateur singers and musicians around the UK.

Funeral flowers relating to hobbies

Most people have a hobby or passion that fills their spare time. Whether it’s a devotion to a certain sports team, golfing, baking or motorcycles, these hobbies can often come to be strongly associated with a person’s character and life. For this reason, it’s only fitting to give a nod to them at their final sendoff. 

69. Motorbike funeral flower tribute

Bikers are often fanatical about their kit and their bike. Like many hobbies, it escalates quickly! One of the most popular custom requests for florists around the UK are floral tributes in the shape of motorcycles and motorbike helmets. Thanks to the huge variety of flowers available all year round and sprayed flowers, any brand and colour can be matched.

70. Harley Davidson floral tribute

There are over 50,000 Harley Davidson owners in the UK, and it’s a badge of honour among bikers to own one of these legendary American icons. Others may not own one, but aspire to the concepts the brand offers - the freedom of the open road and adventure. This makes a Harley Davidson floral tribute a popular choice for free spirits in the UK.

71. Funeral flowers for cycling fans

Another two-wheeled passion for many people in the UK, cycling has really exploded in popularity in recent years. Not only is it great exercise, but it provides many people with a strong social circle by membership in a cycling club or local meetup group. Bike-shaped floral tributes are regularly seen, chosen by the family or friends from cycling clubs.

72. Football floral tributes

A national obsession, football tributes are eternally popular at funerals all over the UK. Local and national teams inspire such loyalty that they become central to many peoples’ personalities and social circles. Whether it’s a football-shaped display or flowers in team colours, chances are you will go to at least one funeral with football tributes in your lifetime.

73. Rugby ball funeral flower display

Another popular sport in the UK which is usually accompanied by an active social group, especially for those who play in a club. Club members may all chip in to provide a rugby ball-shaped floral tribute when one of their members passes away.

74. Darts themed flowers for a funeral in the UK

A popular choice for older folks who might be the centre of attention in the local pub or darts club. The contrasting black and white colours of the board make a striking flower arrangement.

75. Funeral flowers for a golfer

No longer reserved for retired older men in the UK, hundreds of thousands of men and women in the UK belong to a golf club and hit the green each weekend. Clubs may organise a golf-themed floral tribute when a member passes away, making it a popular custom floral tribute for funerals in the UK.

76. Horseshoe funeral tributes in the UK

Floral tributes in the shape of a horseshoe are commonly seen at funerals in the UK. Horse riding is a popular hobby (or way of life) in rural areas of the UK, and the horseshoe shape also symbolises good luck and protection to some.

77. Floral tributes for fishing enthusiasts

Another popular hobby in the UK, many people love to spend their weekend by the riverside or at their local finishing lake. Fishing rods, koi carp and trout-shaped funeral tributes are some of the many custom themed displays that florists around the UK are busy making every week. 

78. Cupcake funeral flower display for a baking legend

Everybody in the UK loves a bit of cake and we all know someone who is a genius in the kitchen. Giant cupcake and cake-shaped floral tributes are fast-becoming two of the most popular bespoke items for florists serving people planning a funeral across the UK. Brightly-coloured and full of feelgood memories, cake tributes might bring a smile to mourners on even the saddest of days.

Funeral flowers for animal lovers

For many people living in the UK, pets are members of the family, in fact 53% of adults in the UK own a pet. They are here for us in the hard times and bring much joy. So deep is the devotion of some to their furry friends that their images even make it into floral tributes to their late owners.

79. Dog funeral flower arrangements

There are an estimated 11 million pet dogs in the UK, no wonder that dog-shaped funeral tributes are so common.

80. Floral tributes for crazy cat people

Cats have conquered the internet with their video antics and have also won the hearts of the nation. Cute cat funeral flower arrangements are seen at the funerals of people of all ages in the UK.

81. Rabbit flowers for a funeral

Rabbit floral tributes are a regular arrangement at funerals. Whether the deceased had a beloved pet rabbit or just loved them, the cute and furry bunny has hopped its way into the most popular funeral flowers in the UK.

The quirkiest, most unusual funeral flowers in the UK

We’ve already covered many custom floral tribute shapes that are popular at funerals in the UK. The following designs, however, will show you that if you can think of it - there’s a talented florist out there who can make it for you. 

So no matter how unique or unconventional the person you are paying tribute to was, this can be portrayed in every detail of their funeral, even down to the flowers. All these quirky tributes have been created in the UK and used at real funerals. 

82. Cigarette and cigarette packet floral tributes

Very much not on the same page as public health messaging, these tributes are still surprisingly common at funerals. 

83. Teacup funeral flower tribute

Enjoying a cup of tea is nothing unusual in the UK, in fact it’s a ritual that many perform multiple times each day. For some people, however, it borders on an obsession or addiction, meaning the humble teapot or teacup is no stranger to funeral flower arrangement here.

84. A semi-submerged crocodile flower arrangement

A terrifying take on the coffin spray that was revealed in a survey of 214 funeral directors’ strangest floral tributes in the UK. 

85. Marijuana leaf and joint funeral flowers

This one may raise the eyebrows of more conservative mourners, but is a surprisingly popular request looking at the websites of florists based in the major cities of the UK.

86. Fast food logo funeral tributes

The golden arches of global junk food giant McDonalds are just one of the fast food brands that have been transformed into floral tributes to burger fans in the UK.

87. Beer, wine and cocktails as funeral flowers

It’s no secret that many Brits love a drink. So much so that it’s becoming common to see a pint of beer or a martini represented in flowers at funerals.

88. Star Wars characters

Many sci-fi fans being given an intergalactic send-off have been honoured with Star Wars floral tributes. Darth Vader, stormtroopers and Yoda are all regular funeral arrangements.

Modern and sustainable funeral flowers in the UK

More people in the UK are choosing to have an eco or green burial as environmental concerns are at the forefront of the public conscience. Conventional cut flowers have a surprisingly high carbon footprint which can be an issue for environmentally conscious people.

There are many options to complement an eco funeral using sustainably-sourced flowers. And with the current trend for wildflowers and greenery in modern floristry, it’s not just those planning or attending a green burial who are choosing more sustainable blooms.

89. Local, seasonal flowers for a sustainable coffin spray or bouquet

Cut down on the carbon footprint of funeral flowers by using only varieties that grow in the UK. Roses and dahlias grow well in the UK all through the year. Choose those in season at the time of the funeral, as they are more likely to be sun-grown, rather than force-flowered under lights in a greenhouse.

90. Native wildflowers

Wildflowers in custom arrangements are very on trend in the UK right now. They are also a sustainable choice for an eco-conscious funeral bouquet. 

How about handing out wildflower seeds at the ceremony for mourners to plant in their gardens as an act of remembrance too? It’s great for insects, the environment and a beautiful way to remember someone special.

91. Give a potted plant or tree as an alternative to flowers

Sustainability is all about looking beyond the here and now and thinking further into the future. A shrub or plant in an attractive pot with a sympathy card is a thoughtful substitute.

92. Dried Flowers for a longer-lasting funeral tribute

Dried flowers are another strong choice for a more sustainable sympathy bouquet. They last longer - sometimes years - and can be an enduring keepsake.

93. Preserve funeral flowers in a paperweight or ornament

There are companies in the UK who can transform funeral tribute flowers into heirloom ornaments, increasing their lifespan exponentially. A glass paperweight, for example, is a popular example. Blossoms are encapsulated within glass (or resin) and these can be given as remembrance gifts.

94. Biodegradable artificial flowers

Regular synthetic flowers are usually made from plastic fibres and silk, which are not kind to the planet (or silkworms). Newly-developed biodegradable flowers solve this problem.

Funeral flower ideas on a budget

Custom ordered funeral flower displays can increase the cost of a funeral service significantly. Most custom designs start at at least £100, rising to more than double this for elaborate designs.  Here are some suggestions that could help if your budget is limited.

95. Homemade funeral wreath

Wreaths are simple to make using a wreath ring or even metal coat hangers bent to shape. Add seasonal greenery and flowers from your own garden for a personal handmade tribute to a special person.

96. Assemble your own basket display using supermarket flowers

Supermarket flowers are usually cheap, and you can pick up a couple of bunches for less than £10. 

Alternatives to sympathy flowers 

Flowers are beautiful, but some people may prefer to offer something more practical to those who are grieving.

97. Charity donation

The most popular option is a donation to a charity nominated by the deceased or their family.

98. A memory photo book

This thoughtful alternative can form a beautiful lasting memorial and bring comfort to the bereaved.

99. Send a takeaway or grocery delivery

We all know the term ‘comfort food’. Sometimes something as simple as ordering someone some supplies or a hot meal can really help them in times of grief.

100. A book to distract or help heal the bereaved

Maybe there is a book that someone who is recently bereaved may enjoy? Write a personal message of condolence inside the cover.

Just your time, love and understanding

Sometimes just ‘being there’ for somebody is the best sympathy gift you can give.

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