What happens at a Church of England funeral in the UK? Our simple guide.

What happens at a Church of England funeral in the UK? Our simple guide.

by Martin Jackson2022-09-190

What is a Christian funeral in the UK?

The ‘Church of England’ refers to the branch of Christianity most common in England, so if you’re invited to a ‘Christian funeral’, or ‘Protestant funeral’ then it’s most likely to follow these traditions. (If you want to know what happens at a Catholic funeral in the UK, we’ve also got a handy guide on that too.)

What happens at a Church of England funeral?

Funerals in the Church of England faith can vary hugely, depending on the wishes of the deceased, and the kind of mourning or celebration they wanted. Most often, people plan a funeral that they feel best reflects the life of the deceased.

A Church of England funeral is usually led by a local minister in a church, churchyard, at the graveside, or in a crematorium. As well as leading the service, the minister also acts as a point of contact and support in the lead-up to the day itself. The most common funerals are cremation, followed by burial.

Order of service at a Church of England funeral

You might hear about the ‘liturgy’ for a Church of England funeral – this is simply the order of service, from when and how the deceased’s coffin arrives to the hymns, readings and prayers that are given. The service often includes a eulogy (speech of remembrance) from someone who was close to deceased, or from the minister leading the service.

How much does a Church of England funeral cost?

The average costs for a Church of England funeral in the UK are: £5,000 for burial, or £4,000 for cremation. But it’s important to remember that these costs can vary a lot, depending on a range of factors, including whereabouts in England you are. Funerals tend to be more expensive in the south-east of England, for example.

You can find ‘calculators’ online that can help you work out your plans and match them against your budget. Or, if you need help, we have a lot of experience advising and supporting people with Church of England funerals. 

Get in touch with Fenix

Our supportive personal advisers are committed to offering you expert planning and peace of mind. We also offer smart digital tools that can help you connect with friends and family members, making the planning even easier. You can find out more by getting in touch – with absolutely no obligation to commit to anything.

How do you plan a Christian funeral?

It’s possible to plan a Church of England funeral on your own, and you’ll need to contact the ‘Cemeteries and Crematorium Department’ of your local council to do so. Planning it yourself can reduce costs, but it can also create a lot of work and stress. That’s why most people in the UK choose to work with a funeral director.

A good place to start when it comes to planning any kind of funeral is the UK government’s step-by-step guide about what to do when someone dies.

Do I need a funeral director for a Christian funeral?

While the Church of England minister can help you with matters relating to the service and the day of the funeral itself, most people choose to work with a funeral director too. Your funeral director will be able to help you with everything from paperwork to body transportation, organising flowers to arranging the service – all while staying within your budget.

At Fenix, we can act as your funeral director, and have many years’ experience doing so for thousands of people, all across England. (Our reviews make us very proud.) We are always 100% transparent, and never (ever) hide costs. 

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