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Our offers

Direct Cremation

A dignified Direct Cremation which is an affordable alternative to a traditional Funeral.

£ 995

Service at a Crematorium

We help you through every step of the funeral arrangements for a service at your chosen crematorium.

£ 1,690

Graveside Burial

When no ceremony or service is required we can arrange a peaceful graveside service without a celebrant.

£ 1,690

Bespoke Funeral Packages

Just as every life is unique every farewell can be too. We offer a wide range of personalized touches.


Bespoke Funeral Packages

Just as every life is unique every farewell can be too. We offer a wide range of personalized touches.

Fenix Funeral Directors in Doncaster

Welcome to Fenix Funeral Directors in Doncaster. We opened our doors in 2014, with the idea of easing our clients’ pain through the mourning period, by enabling you to plan, personalise, and book a funeral service from home, according to your own budget.

We know the deep personal challenge of going through a loss, so we created a system that is completely stress-free - because everybody should say goodbye with peace of mind.

Fenix Funeral Directors in Doncaster

Fenix begravningsbyrå

Planning a funeral in Doncaster

Whether you’re considering a burial, or a cremation, along with a civil, religious, traditional, humanist, or green funeral – we can tailor our offering to meet your needs. Our caring advisors are here to talk always; this means free advice, recommendations, guidance, and quotes on demand – because we want you to get the correct funeral for your circumstances, without hidden expenses or unnecessary stress.

At Fenix in Doncaster, all arrangements can be done over the phone, or on our website, or in person, if you wish. And, if you’re organising the funeral as a group, we can you’re your process easier, by hosting your first group meetings.

At Fenix, we’re equipped to offer you legal guidance for matters like estates and wills, whilst we make the funeral plans happen. You may never have done this before, and feeling nerves is natural – but rest assured, we’ll help you approach each decision with a clear mind. Our caring advisors work to reduce your stress during this time – by safeguarding against extra costs, and unnecessary admin.

It is also possible to book a meeting close to you. You can easily select a meeting office by clicking on the markers on the map.

Arranging a funeral

Arrange a funeral in Doncaster in three quick steps.

Choose your plan
Book online, or phone us, or chat to us in person - get free quotes and advice
Meet the celebrant
Plan the finer details with them - we put your plan into action
Be there for your loved ones - we handle the practicalities

Extra Details

Though most funerals you’ve experienced were probably traditional in nature, that doesn’t have to be the case every time. Personalised touches can really add to a funeral, so if you have any specific requests for the ceremony, like a particular song for a particular moment, or a special musician to be hired, or a display of photographs, artworks or meaningful items to be designed – let us know, and we’ll help. At Fenix in Doncaster, every detail means something, as this ceremony is solely about you, your loved ones, and the things you value.
When you contact us at Fenix Funeral in Doncaster, you never have to worry about being treated like a “customer”. For us, you are a fellow human being who needs support and help in a difficult time. You always get a personal adviser who is by your side through out the process.

Quotation and advice are always free