Arranging a Funeral; the 12 step funeral planning guide

Arranging a Funeral; the 12 step funeral planning guide

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Funeral Planning can be simple and stress-free. This guide shows you how to arrange a funeral; coffin, car, flowers, funeral directors & everything else.

Arranging a Funeral; the 12 step funeral planning guide

Funeral arrangements should be made in a simple, clear-minded way. Whether your loved one has described the funeral service they want, or you are deciding each detail as you go, our guide to arranging a funeral will ease this process. Our purpose is to help you plan a funeral service that suits your exact wants and needs.

How to choose a funeral director?

A good funeral director will help you with every aspect of organising a funeral, regardless of whether the funeral service is traditional, unique, understated or a green burial. Your funeral director is there to support you through any decisions you may find difficult, for whatever reason. The key steps in finding the right funeral director for you:
  • Look at reviews and testimonials on the funeral director’s website. This will give you a good idea of the quality of their funeral planning services.
  • Decide beforehand what you would like your funeral planning company to help you with. You may have some funeral service details in mind already, like the type of flowers, the type of burial, or the funeral service order. But there may be other elements that you are less sure of, like paperwork, death certificate, or headstones.
  • Make a funeral checklist of those requirements. This way, you can be as clear-minded as possible when meeting your funeral director.
  • Compare your options. Look at more than one funeral director’s website. When you choose a funeral service director, make sure they understand the exact funeral service order you have in mind. A good funeral director is a good listener. They are also personable, and they show empathy. Above all, they are happy to meet with you (whether at a branch or in your home) to talk to you about your funeral service needs.

Who can arrange a funeral?

Sometimes it is not immediately obvious who should be planning a funeral for the deceased.
Generally, the nearest relative takes on this responsibility. A close friend can also do this. If neither a loved one nor a friend is a possibility, the local authority will generally hire a funeral planning company.

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